• This is a hidden gem in Bryn Mawr. We wanted something different- not a country club or the barn wedding that had been done a million times. We wanted romance and history and something that would wow our guests. We wanted a venue that wasn’t a cookie cutter and this was the place. Some up-lighting and décor truly transforms the space into something unforgettable. We did the ceremony and pictures all there, everything was perfect. Jane, the event coordinator at The Baldwin School, was a pleasure to work with and saw to every single detail. Run, don’t walk, to this venue, because when word gets out you are never going to be able to lock in a date.

    Susannah & Mike

  • The staff was wonderful, and were very helpful leading up to the event. They were extremely flexible when it came to letting us decorate–just don’t do anything permanent to the building and pretty much anything goes.

    The site coordinator, Jane Darnell, was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was always in contact, helpful with ideas as well as execution, and she’s completely unflappable. Jane was such a calming presence while we were setting up the day before, and made everything go off perfectly the day of.


    We could not have made a better choice for our venue! You get your own fairy tale castle at real world prices, what more can I say! Book your wedding here and you won’t regret it.

    Meredith & Matt

  • Our reception at the Baldwin School was perfect!

    The grounds and building exterior make such a wonderful first impression–it was fun watching each guest’s jaw drop as they got out of their cars. There’s just no substitution for that Victorian-era charm!

    We had our cocktail hour in the foyer, which is such an elegant space that it hardly needs decoration. There’s wood paneling everywhere, antique furniture, and an absolutely massive fireplace. We made our entrance by coming out of separate wings of the 2nd floor and meeting on the landing- a lot of fun and a great photo op!

    Our dinner and dancing were in the cafeteria, although that term doesn’t do the space any justice. It has huge Victorian windows, a wood floor, and unobstructed sight lines across the whole room. It connects to an exterior covered stone portico which wraps around the back half of the building; we set up one of our bars there so that our guests could cool off in the fresh air after dancing.

    What really made the night special for us was the staff. The maintenance and kitchen staff were so friendly and went out of their way to be helpful when we were setting up the day before. And of course, Jane Darnell was simply a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

    Jane never says no, will never hurry or pressure you, and will make you feel like part of her family. It’s so important to have a site coordinator who not only knows her job, but is so passionate about it. There is no request to big or too small that she won’t handle, and the amount of work she did for us was astonishing.

    If you’re looking for your dream fairy tale wedding in a building that looks like a castle-inside and out- I have good news for you! You don’t have to fly to Europe–you can find it right here in Philadelphia at the Baldwin School!


  • Jane Darnell of Baldwin School is a pleasure to work with. We have had 2 fundraising events recently and plan to have more in the future. Jane is a rare individual who works tirelessly and with a bubbly personality to create the environment you want for your event/occasion. Jane’s performance in good times is impressive, but what separates her from the others is her ability to remain positive and courteous when inevitable stress ensues. With any event, changes are going to happen either in advance or at the last minute. Jane will work it out, and with a smile. Jane also can provide many options for event day resources. Every recommendation she has made has been stellar. I/we would highly recommend Jane to organize your event.


  • I can not say enough about our very positive experience hosting an event at The Residence at Baldwin. The setting is truly lovely. In the spring/summer the large, old trees provide a beautiful pastoral setting and the bare limbs covered with snow are equally appealing. There is an elegance and beauty to both the venue and grounds that make it an ideal venue for many kinds of events. The grand staircase leading to the second floor just cries out for wedding photos and grand entrances! Additionally, the space is very versatile and provides a number of options for hosting parties with multiple components (e.g., cocktail party, dinner, dancing, etc).

    One of the primary reasons I would host another event at Baldwin with great enthusiasm is the support and flexibility of Jane, the Rental Coordinator. The plans for my event went through multiple iterations and Jane just accommodated all the changes. The answer to almost every one of my questions was, “Sure, we can do that.” It made the entire party-planning process smooth and without angst. I look
    forward to another opportunity to use this gem of a venue.


  • We held a 350 person Memorial for my father, arranged on four days notice, at the Baldwin School.  Given the circumstances, and the scale of the event, and the number of people involved, it is hard to overstate the incredibly sensitive, prompt, immediate, thoughtful, and round the clock attention we received from Jane Darnell.

    On every level, Jane was a joy to work with.  She made herself totally available, including helping elderly guests park their cars, returning phone calls at all hours of the day and night, and making us feel totally welcome and cared for.  She always had a smile on her face, was calm, and at the same time totally attentive to every detail.

    We can’t thank you and the Baldwin School enough.  It would be my pleasure to recommend Jane and the Baldwin School for any future event.


  • Having worked in the industry for almost 5 years, I have been to many venues all over the Philadelphia area. The Baldwin School rivals every venue I’ve seen in their professionalism, value, accommodations, beauty, and charm.

    Jane Darnell works there as the event coordinator. WOW! She went above and beyond! She and her staff were so accommodating, helping us through the process, making sure we had all the equipment we needed and working with all the other event professionals without me having to be involved. She was incredible with the set up for the wedding and the day-of. She was there from start to finish, making sure we had everything we needed! Amazing!

    The school itself is absolutely gorgeous. I had 250 guests in the main ballroom/dining room and the cocktail hour in the main hall and the room “Assembly.” My guests loved it. I got so many compliments about the whole place. They have beautiful furniture placed throughout so the guests can lounge and enjoy. They also have a huge porch on the back (which we were so sad we couldn’t use for cocktail hour due to weather reasons.) So many options! You can do so much with the space. The wood throughout is so classic.

    The value for the school is INCREDIBLE!! Their pricing is so reasonable. I feel like I found a rare gem. They were so excellent to work with and all of my guests were blown away by the space. I loved having my wedding there. They just started doing events for the public. If you’re lucky enough that your date is available – Do NOT hesitate! Book this venue!! I’m so happy I found them for my day.


  • If you’re looking for a venue to fit your enormous crowd, where you can have your ceremony & reception without a room flip, that comes with tables & chairs, and can do it all inside – Baldwin is your top pick.

    We struck out with so many venues before finding Baldwin (What is up with the barn thing? Why is everything either rustic or industrial or prom-tastic? Why can’t our massive Irish Catholic families fit in most places? Burning questions.) The grounds are beautiful & sprawling, the building interior and exterior have charm for days, and the oil paintings of the former leaders of the school in the foyer are a badass reminder of how cool it is to see women in positions of power.

    Baldwin has specifically brought an events manager on board and Jane was extremely responsive and enthusiastic. They’re still getting their footing as a venue so we were making up some things as we went – just be sure to ask a lot of questions! There are rooms in the building to get ready (complete with a small kitchen & bathroom) and ample space for the ceremony / cocktail hour / reception. The lighting on the stairs and the back porch are great for photos. Jane really hustled to make the day happen for us and our guests loved the vintage feel of the place. We definitely recommend it!


701 Montgomery Avenue

Bryn Mawr, PA. 19010

Jane Darnell

Event & Rentals Coordinator

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